Need Multifunctional DC Charging Cable replacement for AC300

I need a replacement “Multifunctional DC Charging Cable” since the one I have does not click into the MC4 connector to secure it. I cannot find a way to order a replacement on the website and it has the special bluetti input ends so I must get it from Bluetti. How do I get a replacement? This is item#3 in the AC300 standard accessories.

I would think the easier option would be to change anything else except the Multi Cable…like finding an adapter to put between the two.

Hi @mountainLight , Did you place the order on our official website? If so, contact support department via, provide your order number and the parts you need, and purchase another one at your own expense.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

I did place the order for the AC300 on your website and did request info on ordering replacement cables using your contact form on 9-19-22

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