Need low awg to connect panels to ep500 pro

I purchased two ep500 pro with the combiner so that I can have split phase power (which is supposed to be good). I have not had an electrician install it yet. I have 3 350 watt solar panels. I estimate that the cable to connect the solar panels will run 40-50 feet. I have heard that the longer the cable;. I will need a lower(thicker) cable. Can anyone direct me to a suitable product.

I ran 10awg cable from 3 x 325W panels into my AC200MAX. Got it here -

I get 900W+ coming in when I have full sunshine and no shading. The maximum on the AC200MAX is supposed to be 900W so I have considered this a win :slight_smile:

I currently have a 40 feet run, but when I finalize the install I can probably lose 10 feet or so as I have excess cable right now.

Hi @majdadrjn ,
With 3 solar panels connected in series, you can choose 10, 12, or 14 AWG cables. But 40-50 feet will affect the charging speed more. Hope it will help you :slight_smile: