Need help to make 2-AC300's & 2-B300's a home back up system,

I bought 2 - AC300’s and 2-B300’s thinking I needed both to use as back up for home use. I bought 2 of each unit thinking I had to get two, in order to use them in split phase. I didn’t know you could use one inverter/one battery to partially power your house. Now that I have them, I am wondering if I should try to set them up for split phase or just use them in single phase and return the 2nd inverter for another battery and stick with single phase with 3 batteries.

What is the benefit of split phase, versus single phase?

I am new to this and would like to use solar panels to charge my system. I currently have 12-100W panels, which is a little low to recharge both of my batteries for fridge and freezer. I really want to be able to run my refrigerator and freezer and other major appliance in case of a power outage.
I also think I need bigger solar panels to power both units, which would require more hook ups: Solar PV step down convertor and solar fuse box and home transfer switch.

I was also wondering what type of home transfer switch is needed. I see Single phase. Are there split phase switches?
I like this video, but it is only for single phase. Keep the Power On During an Outage?! Install a Power Station Transfer Switch! - YouTube

Is there a split phase home transfer switch?

Thank you for any help you can provide to make Bluetti a home back up system.
I don’t mind doing purchasing and doing the wiring, but not sure exactly what is needed.

The question in my mind is it you need / want to power 240V appliances?

Do you want to use it to run your electric stove, home air conditioning compressor or electric clothes dryer?

Hi @JohnnyBGood , Split-phase mode can provide 240v maximum power 6000W to the load power supply, can be connected to high-power appliances. Single mode will only provide 120V.
If you have more high power appliances at home, we suggest you use the split-phase mode. As for the connection method, if you need, I can send you the AC300 + B300 single-phase and split-phase mode connection tutorial. Hope it can help. :blush: