Need help for AC200P dont want boot or charge

Hello, im looking for help for my ac200P issue please.

I have a problem with my battery, it worked very well all summer with solar panels, since this winter I did not use it much and I noticed that it had gone out. I wanted to connect it directly to the mains to recharge it and there it does not charge, the charger turns well because I hear the fan.

The battery lights up (green button) for a few seconds and then goes out.

I left it connected for several hours but nothing changes.

Do you have any idea where the problem could come from?

Thanks in advance,

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@kai Welcome to the forum! You mentioned that it had been sitting for an extended amount of time and I would guess that that voltage has gone down below a level that can be initially charged via AC. I would try using the car charging port or PV to “jump start” it back to life. This should bring the voltage up enough where the bms will start working again and then you can AC charge if you wish. Let us know if this works for you and if you have any other questions! :)


@kai Yes. We suggest you first consider moderator Mike’s method. @m.briney
See if PV charging or car charging can activate the machine.


Thank for your anser. I gonna try soon when I get my van back because it is currently in the garage for a problem of injectors.