Need help/advice on solar generator for my house

Hello. I have a moderate one story 3 bedroom house. My immediate concern is running my submersible well pump. After taking care of that essential need, I will worry about the rest of my electrical needs.

My well pump is at 110 feet, probably a 1/4 horse power.

Would I be well served with two EP500 pro units, or
an AC300 with multiple batteries?

My next item would be a 20 year old furnace with central air. New furnace would cost me 5K.

I am having a hard time understanding voltage vs amps vs watts.

Thank you in advance.

Are you trying to run totally off grid, or are you using the solar generator as temporary backup only?

What you will want to do is to add up all the energy use of your stuff for the day. Then that will tell you how much solar charging you will need to sustain you during the day, battery storage will be important during the night.

If you are grid connected, you can use your power bill as a reference.

I am connected to the grid. My daily electrical usage is 19.68 kw. My average monthly is 590.5

Essentially I want to have power for my well pump during a blackout. If I can manage to go off the grid that would be great.

I am looking at 2 EP500 Pro with a battery attached to each. Or the AC300 with 3 or more batteries. For solar recharging with the 350 solar panels.

I live in a one story ranch with no basement near Milwaukee WI.

Any advice is appreciated.