Need Advice - AC200 with two B230s solar charging setup

Because the AC200 and my two new B230 expansion batteries present issues with available ports for solar charging while all 3 units are connected, I’m wondering if what I have planned will be sufficient for charging all three units separately. I’ll be living off-grid and need to know I will have the power I need, even if it is a pain in the ass. I will start with a basic setup and then double it later so the two B230s can charge simultaneously.

As Bluetti explained to me, to connect the B230s to the AC200
#1 B230 - P090D/XT90 to XT90/Aviation Cable
#2 B230 - P090D/XT90 to D050S (I currently only have one of the D050S so this will have to be robbed during the solar charging process of the B230s)
I do not currently have the P090D cables as I am waiting on Bluetti to instruct me on how to exchange the battery expansion cable that came with the B230’s but don’t work with the AC200. Shipping on me of course.

I’ll be starting out with 500w of solar to MC4/XT90 to D050S to one B230. This battery will not be connected to the AC200 as the D050S is being used in the charging process. As soon as it is charged, I will connect it t the AC200 using the Aviator cable.

Once the first B230 is charged I switch this setup to the second B230 which will also not be connected to the AC200 during charging nor will it be until the AC200 is charged.

To charge the AC200, I will have to use the Aviator plug., which means the 2nd B230 can not be connected to the AC200 until the AC200 charging is complete.

Like I said, pain in the ass.

I will eventually have a second 500W solar array and purchase 2 more D050S units, $200 a pop, so all I will have to do is occasionally unplug the Aviation Cable from one B230 so I can charge the AC200. Still not perfect but a bit less of a pain in the ass.

I’m hoping once my AC200 is charged I can mostly concentrate on keeping the B230’s charged which will keep the AC200 storage as a backup.

I have no idea if this is the way it will really work and I may have done a terrible job describing how I envision it. Am I dreaming that a 500w system, made up of two 250 panels, in series providing 47.66 v and 10 amps will keep these 3 units charged while using in the worst case scenario 3 kWh per day during the winter will work? I’ll be located at 7,500 feet elevation in New Mexico. I should have no shade on the panels throughout the day.

I understand there are variables involved but I would appreciate friendly input.