My ups funtion is not working

Hello , I have a ac 300 and two b300 batterys , when I turn on the ups system it doesnt work.
I have read the instructions many times. but no luck. so I pluged in the charge cord to the wall with grid power .
I have a thirty amp r v plug that the unit is plugged into the wall with 30 amp breaker in my instide panel.
So do I power up the ac on the blueitti while the grid power is on ? Or do i turn off the ac on the unit with the ups on selected and it will power up the unit when the grid droppes power? if the later the unit did not turn on when i turn off the grid.
my phone number is 504 289 4407 or

Hi djohnsen,

Can you please clarify. Are you trying to use the AC300 to maintain power to your loads during a grid power outage? Are you saying that when you test this it doesn’t maintain the power as expected?

Thank you for your reply ,I wanted to have the ac 300 ready to maintain power if the grid fails. So yes to your first question.

The unit with the standard ups selected on the screen , it does not turn the ac 300 on to maintain power, when the grid power drops.

With the grid working , I am not able to connect the Bluetti to the panel , with the power of the unit on.

Then I would have grid live and Bluetti live at the same time.

As I understand, I should be able to connect the Bluetti to the panel with the grid on and it should sense

when the power drops from the grid and turn itself on to maintain power to the house.


Can you tell me what version of DSP firmware you have on your AC300. You can go to Data, then Product Info to find this.

Hello, yes it is DSP 4031.08

I would email support at and see if you can gain access to DSP 4031.11 which resolves UPS issue with a stand-alone AC300. This firmware isn’t public yet.

Hi @djohnsen , sorry for inconvenience caused.
Do you use a transfer switch? (Switching your home equipment from the grid to AC300 for power). If you use a transfer switch, the UPS function will not be needed.
Or can you tell us how your AC300 is connected to your electrical equipment? We’d appreciate it if you could provide video instructions.

There is a transfer switch but it is for a generator and the generator is disabled. So when power goes out the switch isolates the grid and if the Bluetti is working correctly. It should be able to come on and power the house. Here is the video

(Attachment video of wiring bI.xspf is missing)

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