My Review of the AC200P used with EV Car, Kitchen, all 120v appliances

See my unboxing and real world usage video if you want an extensive demo, around ~45mins.

I got the AC200P about 2 weeks ago. Have powered my entire home theater and computer network, charged my plug-in gas/electric car (with ground bonding plug, sold separately) , recharged up to 3x a day via SP120 solar panels (sold separately - I recommend 6 for simple serial setup, or 8-10 for a parallel wiring of 2 groups of 4-5 in serial setup), powered all my kitchen devices and fridge. Recharged my laptop, phone, USB power bricks, QI wireless devices, etc. (with a few other cables and adapters, some sold separately) with much power to spare.

Has capability to power medical devices, RV, high amperage Ham Radio equipment, etc. with numerous specialized plugs and cables and accessories, not very expensive to buy separately. Any 120v AC device you’d plug in and use at home can plug in and use here, for up to an hour, often much much more. Very impressed, it can handle basically anything.


  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo) for best heat and fire safety, highest energy capacity, most power-cycles.
  • Quiet but effective fan for cooling under heavy load.
  • Solid 2000w output for heavy 100-120volt loads up to 15amps and up to 4800w spike/peak voltage
  • Powerful 2000 watt hour capacity for good time duration under heavy loads.
  • Pure Sine-Wave output for safety of connected electrical devices.
  • Can use 1 AC Adapter input for ~400 watt charge, 5hrs
  • Can use 2 AC Adapters input (only 1 included with AC200P) for ~800 watt charge, 2.5hrs
  • Can use several SP120 solar panels (sold separately) for up to ~700 watt charge, 3hrs
  • Can use 1 AC Adapter + several SP120 solar panels input for ~1000 watt charge, 2hrs
  • Can charge from wall, car cig. lighter, car battery, MPPT MC4 solar via wide variety of input cables and ports
  • Can power output to 100-120v AC at up to 15amps (ie. max home wall socket/power) on any of 6 AC sockets (to allow for several devices of less than max power)
  • Can power output to many different DC devices with numerous USB-A, USB-C, Cig Lighter, RV, Qi Wireless pads, and other sockets and cables
  • Handles a bonded grounding plug well (for defeating grounding circuitry to charge electric car)
  • Solid construction and good looking, with 2 handles for 2-person carrying as needed
  • Powerful touchscreen UI for monitoring inputs, outputs, error conditions
  • 2 year warranty
  • Good support and community forums to exchange ideas, troubleshoot issues


  • Not intended as a UPS system for instantaneous power failure switching (but fine for manual power backup)
  • Requires a little practice to use proper settings and diagnose the (user error) error condition log
  • Light inverter drain when AC or DC power output is enabled, even if no devices drawing power
  • Heavy 61.1 lbs (but can’t be avoided due to best of class LiFePo chemicals and very solid construction)

Other Observations (neither pro nor con)

  • Wall powered AC adapter, and car/solar cables included, but Solar panels, other misc Accessory Cables, Trolley/wheels (for 1 person transport) sold separately