MY EP500 PRO I want to cancel at Kickstarter

I bought 2 EP500 pro’s and want to cancel one of them on Kickstarter. Can I still do that at this time. Does anyone know. I wrote them and no answer yet.
Thanks James

Not sure, but I don’t think that is a possibility at this stage… again, not sure🤷🏼‍♂️

Not sure exactly but shoot an email to and see what they say. I’d include all your kickstarter info to make it easier for them.

They will cancel at an 8% cancelation fee.
I am canceling my $4600 order.
Do the math!

Ouch. Yea I was unaware of that fee… might want to hold off and just sell it once you receive it?? Probably could make some money off of it even??

I got mine Pro at $3799 PLUS 800.00 of accessories.

I am keeping my second one.
8% is a ripoff.

They lost me for future business.

That’s life

You will be paying a $200 shipping fee imo0. With new units coming out price will drop instead of go up IMOO. I am starting to think that the Pro will be outdated soon. In my Opinion only. IMOO

I may be wrong but I’ve read where that 8% fee is Kickstarter’s.

I am not sure who gets the 8 percent but sales@bluetti said I would have to pay it.

if you want to sell one let me know.