My EB3A won't charge after a full discharge

I’ve spent two days trying to get my EB3A to charge after I ran it down to zero a couple days ago. yesterday I tried charging it via AC and it would charge for a while and then shut off. The temp warning light would also display and the fans would not kick on and run at all. today I’ve tried to charge it with the solar panel and it made it to 89% but then stopped charging and won’t charge any further despite being in full sun. The temp warning light has not come on today but the fans have not run at all which is unusual.

Trying to charge via DC adapter while driving has never worked since I got the thing.

firmware says it is running the current version with no updates available.

suggestions would be appreciated. thank you

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Try AC charging completely followed by a complete discharge and another ac recharge.

@bluetti_underwooddanell18gmailcom For the AC charging, my suggestion is the same as above. For DC charging, did you try to charge it via car or solar panel?

As stated in my post, it keeps shutting off when charging from AC, so I’m unable to charge to 100% full in that manner in order to then discharge completely.

DC I was charging via solar panel. it has not worked to charge it via DC in my vehicle since right out of the box. I attempted to remedy it through email with customer service several months ago and got no where so I finally gave up on that.

@bluetti_underwooddanell18gmailcom You can message me with the order number and purchase platform, then I will contact the CS department to help you ASAP.


@bluetti_underwooddanell18gmailcom Thanks for your information. I sent you an email, please check.