My #bluettistory2022 Solar Journey


My solar journey started out when my wife and I were looking at options to update our camping adventures. As an eagle scout, I’ve always LOVED the great outdoors and adventuring off the beaten path. Throwing a rucksack in the car with a flint/steel, some water, and maybe a tarp to build a temporary shelter would suffice just fine for an spontaneous short adventure to experience new terrain, but for my ol lady… lets just say it wasn’t so easy for her to adapt! Haha Her vision of camping can be defined as “glamping” nowadays. Then when we found out we had a new partner in crime on-the-way to join our adventures, the search for a more comfortable camping experience became priority.

After searching like crazy, I randomly stumbled across a Scamp camper on an auction site hidden in the details of an estate-sale of all places. Covid and the lockdowns just started here in Michigan at the time, but I placed a bid sight un-seen, and ended up actually winning! Haha Now to explain to the pregnant wife what I had just done… :grimacing:

I drove the 10 hour trip to find that campers “shell” and frame was actually in pretty solid condition (thank god), so I limped it home and started going to town on getting this badboy ready and up to the standards of my wife and soon-to-be daughter.

The renovations and time spent on the scamp was definitely an added bonding point for me and my wife’s relationship, as the rest of the world was pretty much “locked down.” We teamed up and went to work. Air Conditioning – check. Furnace – check. A mobile bathroom and running water – check. But how in the world were we going to power all these amenities when 99% of the campgrounds/sites that had shore-power & electric hookups were booked solid for MONTHS out?!?

After a lot of researching on boondocking and seeing all these massive RV’s with these super complex battery systems that included a ridiculous amount of different components and quite frankly, skills and time I didn’t have, I was getting very frustrated and losing confidence that my dream wasn’t going to be possible.

It was then I stumbled across a brand called Bluetti on Indiegogo that was rolling out a product called the AC200, that would actually be able to power all my little campers needs, and it came at a price point that was at least a 1/3 of what I was going to be needing to spend! The best part… it was an all-in-one unit that provided simplicity and looked pretty badass at the same time! Haha

The AC200 arrived shortly after the birth of our first baby and its been the backbone of our numerous camping trips ever since. Getting to experience Pictured Rocks, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Mackinaw Island, and multiple other spots of the beautiful UP of Michigan, probably wouldn’t have been possible without Bluetti and the AC200.

Also, being a musician here in the Midwest, we get asked to play a lot of weddings and gigs at wine vineyards, hop farms/breweries, as well as sandy shore-line bars that sometimes don’t have immediate access to power sources… We’ve always had to use noisy noisy gas generators for these types of shows in the past and with the Bluetti OG AC200 and B230 expansion battery, we’ve been able to pull off some of these smaller gigs with complete ease and peace of mind.

With an extra B230, I will be able to “level-up” and upgrade these experiences completely to the next level. With Michigans’ weather being more temperamental and moody then a 70 year old man who just had his yard walked on, the added battery capacity and abilities will allow us to not have to worry soo much about gathering up a whole days sun/solar. My family’s adventures and trips could be extended and my band could bring our complete light show and bigger equipment for the evening gigs! A win-win for everyone!

So cheers to everyone else in this group who has been able to fulfill dreams that maybe couldn’t have been possible without Bluetti and these amazing solar products!! :metal:



Hi @m.briney , As the first participant of Share Your Story Contest at BLUETTI community, thank you for sharing your BLUETTI STORY with wonderful written descriptions and pictures! :beers: :beers:

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@BLUETTI Thanks!! I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone else’s stories!! What a cool idea!

Hi m.briney,
Kudos to you for being sensitive to your wife’s condition & solving your camping issue instead of becoming part of the problem. You were rewarded.(. Buletti to the rescue) …it led you to helping with your band set ups as well. It’s a great story…congrats on your new arrival :baby:too!
Hopefully your little family will enjoy many Scamp trips together! Good Luck! :guitar:

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Thank you @DAG !! :metal: :metal: