My Bluetti setup

I’m posting just to give other’s thinking about backup power in case of an emergency, what can be done with Bluetti products.
I purchased the AC200P and 2 B230 batteries. At the same time I had an electrician install a 4 circuit transfer switch next to my electric panel in my basement which I can plug the AC200P directly into. This gives me enough power to run the basic things in my home for about a day. The 2nd piece of the puzzle was charging from solar. I had always planned on installing solar panels on my home and with the federal energy credit from the government to be fased out over the next couple of years I decided to do it but with one additional add on. I have 16 jinko 405 watt panels hooked up to the grid and 2 separate panels running into the AC200P, on a partly cloudy day I was able to pull in 726 watts from those two panels. In the event of a long power outage and little sun, I have a small 1800 watt gas generator to charge from. The cost of all of this was about half the cost of a generac system. In the next power outage I’m not going to be sitting in the dark.


Thank you for sharing your setup with us. If you have time to take a couple of picks of your setup for us to see that would be great and appreciated as well.

The conduit coming down from the ceiling is the solar runs coming from the roof mounted solar panels. Two 405 watt jinko panels.

I’m trying to figure out the right/best way to get the solar panel MC4 connections from outside the house, to inside the house where the Bluetti is. I have not found a junction box that has MC4 in and MC4 out. How did you handle this?

I wish I could help you with this but I didn’t do the work. It was done by the solar installers that installed my main array. I’ll take some pictures when I have time and post them here. All I know is they had to run two conduit runs. One for the large array and a second for the 2 panels running to the Bluetti. Apparently they couldn’t be run through the same conduit because of code.