My Bluetti Backup Power Story

I purchased my Bluetti system ( 1- AC200MAX, 1 B230 battery, 2 - B300 batteries for backup power during power outages to power my refrigerator, chest freezer, LED lighting, the fan on our propane stove for heat, and most importantly my 92 year old mother’s oxygen generator to keep her alive. We have power outages for several hours during every wind storm due to living in the mountains. I plan to purchase another 200MAX and b300 battery in the near future as it will likely be needed as I plan add another chest freezer.
I bought my brother an AC200max for Christmas to get him started on solar also. I expect he will expand his system like I have now that he has a starting point.
I would have liked to purchase the Bluetti solar panels, which are the most efficient ( 23.4% ) I could find after internet research on solar panels, but I instead mounted 330 watt hard frame panels I purchased for year round durability on a ground based rack anchored to the ground to protect against the wind, and also due to the fact that we are renting our home. But I do plan on purchasing a couple of the Bluetti 350 watt panels this summer for camping needs. Looking forward to many years of service with my Bluetti system.
Thank you Bluetti Power for offering great power solutions.


Thank you for posting your use case and experience with Bluetti. Glad to see you are making good use of the products.

I know you said you purchased the Bluetti for backup use, but you might want to consider using it on a daily basis. I say that because the things you rely on need to be tested. Let’s say you use it once or twice a year for backup and after three or so years some problem or defect comes up and it’s no longer under warranty? Another reason is to know what to anticipate. I say this because I bought an AC200Max for backup purposes then decided I needed to know what to expect when using it. I went to a local PV system installer and bought a panel he had left over from a job, hooked it up, and started using the AC200Max daily. That was a month ago. I feel as though I have a better idea of what to expect when the time comes that I must rely on it. I have a good sense of how much my set-up can produce on a given day (cloudy, sunny, overcast, etc). I know what my storage capacity can power for how long because I’ve tested it.
Anyway…just my two cents. Enjoy your set-up. I hope it serves you well.

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I agree that you will be more familiar with the set up. I also thing you can increase your opportunity for unit failure or problems with each use as well. Same idea with using your car daily. You do get increased use and familiarity but you also will see your car wear out sooner as well as increase your opportunity to be in an accident.

Personally, I have several units available so that if one fails, I am not dead in the water. Plus, I just like to play with them :slightly_smiling_face: