My AC70 just arrived - Woo Hoo!

What a great little unit! @56% SOC it fired right up and added itself to other Bluettis on the app. Checking out ports, and more, etc., before performing a full charge. Graphic display of two AC and two DC ports is very nice. :+1:


@Skydog Hi Patricia,
Thank you for your support for the new BLUETTI product! :star_struck:
It is recommended to do a full charge and discharge cycle before first use to better calibrate the SOC. Looking forward to your unboxing or more picture sharing to the forum. :)


Mine shows up on Friday.
I am most interested in the noise level while using it as a UPS.
Though i hear that it supports power bypass so that the battery doesn’t keep going between 100% and 99% and doesnt have the spin up circuit noise that all my eb3a’s do.

My other interest is how solar charging works, especially how it is possible to charge at 500W. i.e. what solar panels can go that high since I haven’t found any panels that have a VIMP of around 50V with a VOC <= 60V and a wattage of around 10A.

Lastly i am interested in using my B230 battery (and how much wattage it can charge the AC70). I may even try using my Zendure B4600 battery since it can put out a configurable 0-60V at up to 10A.


I haven’t yet had time to fully test but plan on doing so in the next day or two. Like you, I am interested in comparing UPS function to my EB3As. I have 2x PV200s that I will use for charging as I do now with each of my two AC180s. As far as expansion batteries, I only have a B80 and cannot test without an Aviation => XT60 cable, which I have ordered. Would have been nice to keep it DC7909 compatible.

Thank you, Bluetti. Really enjoying the AC70!

Hope you will have a lot of fun with it!

Thank you, it really is a nice device. I feel like a kid at Christmas. :star_struck:

I am looking forward to these being available in the UK

I got mine setup and am finding the fan goes off quite often. Its not obnoxious (kind of like the heater on a ballon) but actually happens a lot more often than the EB3A i had been using. Do you have the same problem? Mine is on the carpeted floor. Would it work better if i put it on something?

Hi @lschiedel1

Yes, it would be better to leave it on a other ground than carpet. Because there might be not enough air between the Powerstation and the carpet, the unit can heat up from underneaf.

Try to put it on something where it “cant sink in”.


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How is it being used? Although I’ve only had it a short time I find it no more noticeable than my AC180s (or EB3As). Thus far, I have put a load on it, i.e. a 750W space heater for discharging. And solar charging from 0 => 100%. In both cases the fan operated as expected and was surpringly quiet, IMO. I always operate my units on a hard surface.

I use it for my pc setup. laptop plus 2 monitors. less than 300W. Its not that the fan is loud, just that it stops and starts more than the EB3A did. At least it’s quieter and lower pitched.

I am kind of glad that the fan runs more often than the EB3A. My EB3A fan doesn’t run at all in UPS mode and the unit will overheat and shut down if I put it in a warm place. I taped a USB powered fan on it and it is good now.

do you thing its a great unit for camping trips? I was thinking about ac200max or ac200l but maybe this is enough for my needs too. For what are you using it?

Hi @LeutnantWerner

kinda depends on you needs. AC70 is a great unit, but AC200max or AC200L both have more capacity.


Not to mention a near 25 lb. difference. :grimacing: