My AC500 seems to be dead

My Ac500 has not been working since the middle of the week.
Everything worked fine, now it’s just off and won’t turn on.

The B300s seems to work and glows green when turned on, but the AC500 does not :-(
It does not change when I use AC or PV input.

I also swapped cables of the battery - but AC500 doesn’t wake up.

Any Ideas or is it dead?

The only time mine acted like that was when it was brand new and I didn’t have the battery cable slide locks fully engaged. Sounds like you have already checked the cables though.

@beckbone Please check the battery connection cable first.
If the battery connection cable is locked, but you can’t turn on the AC500, but press the AC500 key to activate the battery pack, try cross-connecting the AC500 and B300S battery connection ports.

Thx. Yes I checked the battery cables in every combination possible. Everything fine and locked. But there is no reaction at the ac500 :frowning:

So the AC500 green button doesn’t light at all, and no touch screen light either? Time to contact support directly instead of through this forum.
I’m curious, are you able to use the APP?
I know those heavy cables are a pain. I have 2 batteries. One of the cables clicks into place just fine, but the other cable seems a bit different and is a tight fit into the AC500, and with no click sound but it is locked in place and working. I hope I don’t have to wrestle with it anything soon.

Thx - yes the green button at the AC500 doesn’t light at all :-(

Support Ticket is in place and I’m in contact with the Support - I hope they can fix it …

Update: The Support will change the B300S. I’m waiting for the pickup.

Should the AC500 work without a battery installed on AC Input?

No, you need at least one battery attached to the AC500.

Good to hear that they are quick to respond, although since you said the battery did light up I would have suspected just the cable.

Yes, the response time of the support team was very quick! Let’s see how long it will take until I can use my BLUETTI again …

Of course it’s not clear whether it is the B300S or the cable. Both will be picked up and send back to the Support Team.