MY ac500 plus B300s Order from indiegogo arrived but the battery is missing?

Are the batteries shipped at a different time to the AC500 inverter?

Or should i have got both parts delivered at the same time?

I asked the delivered person 3x and he said nope only 1 package is here.

I received two AC500s one day, and my two B300Ss the next day.

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Thanks that is good to know they send the batteries separately.

Thanks for info.

It depends on the carrier. My two AC300 units arrived at my carrier first then the two B300 arrived later. My carrier then sent me everything together a week later.

Ill wait a couple of weeks and see if any battery arrives.
Thanks for the info.
Hopefully it does because I couldnt really even find out how to contact bluetti in the Uk

The ac500 inverter appears a beast. Cant wait to get the battery and try it

Due to the weight, the host and the battery pack are shipped separately. If you are ordering on INDIEGOGO, please contact our crowdfunding team directly via email for more details.


What is the exact email to contact the crowd funding team about my b300s battery that hasnt arrived yet?


Can anyone tell me the direct contact for the indiegogo team to find out where my battery may be or if it is coming.


@Newsolarfan , The crowdfunding support email address is
Questions about the AC500 crowdfunding project can be asked.
Or you can let me know your IGG order number and I can verify with the department for you.


Thanks. I have already tried to email that crowdfunding email address 2x but i get no reply.

My indigogo contribution ID is number 84.

This is a UK order. I have had the AC500 inverter delivered over 2 weeks ago but no b300s battery has come and I cant use the AC500 without the b300s battery.

Please help find out when will the battery arrive.

Thanks for help.

@Newsolarfan , I have verified the tracking information with the crowdfunding department and sent it to you by private message, please check it.