My AC300s came with a gift

Yesterday I received all the packages of my Sept 23rd order, a9fter it was delayed for months, shipped in January, and held up in Florida for another month. After opening the internal boxes of my two AC300, I found this inside:

Then I opened the second box and found another in a different color:

Inside was a “Thank you” sculpture from the LAAF program:

I wonder if anyone else found this gift inside their AC300 box. BTW, the two AC300 worked perfectly with the two B300 batteries. They were at 60% so I connected every set to an AC line and charged the B300 up to 95%.


I also got the “LAAF Program” gift in both, first AC300 and the replacement unit.

Yes, my AC300 came with one of those as well.

Mine came with one too… I was very confused when I opened it!

yes it seems they all come with one. I had one in each AC300

yes mine came with that too. went straight to the trash. i would rather bluetti have spent that money on something useful for the people of that program. they could have included a few lights or a cheap electric tea kettle.

Hi @berns00,

Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll past it to our team.

I think having the option is a good idea.

I hope that LAAF program is actually true and not abused and that listed 200 watts system with PV and LED lights are actually shipped to the families in need in Africa. If so, I think it is very nice of BLUETTI to do that and I am glad that some poor family may have lights during the nights because of my purchase.