My AC300 with my B300 isn't charging with a lead acid battery

So I have my AC300 connected to the B300 and everything and I’m trying to charge it with a Lead Acid Battery thats 12V AGM, I’m charging it through the Aviation Port 1(CP2) (second from the top) with the battery clamp cable and I have the settings of the DC Input Source 2 set to “other” and it’s not charging my Bluetti Power Generator. What am I doing wrong here??

Is there a source titled “car” rather than other? Negative and postive battery clamps on correct terminals?

No, the only other option on there is PV which is for the solar panels, and yea the positive and negative terminals are on correctly

Does your lead acid battery contain sufficient voltage for a charge to begin? (is it dead?)

As we can see in the picture according to the Bluetti screen its putting in 96w but I left it on there for hours and it never moved from a 80% charge, any ideas guys?

Heres the battery I’m using

Great to have more info and that the screen is showing charging wattage. 100 watt charge rate should give you around 4% per hour connected but that small battery you have it connected to will not last long. It should only give around 300 watts fully charged.

What needs to be determined is will your AC300 charge with other methods or is the issue isolated to only a 12 volt battery. A quick test would be to charge via AC and verify that the charge rate increases. If it does, I would fully charge and then fully discharge followed by fully charging again. If your state of charge does not increase with AC or other methods as well, I would suspect you have a charge state limit set.

Do have your state of charge set at a max of 80% and that is why it will go no higher than 80%?

Thanks for the reply, ok so here’s what happened, I plugged it in the AC wall outlet and it went from 80% to 99% inside of 3 min… so I’m guessing it’s broken or like you said I gotta fully charge it then fully discharge it. Also I’ve charged it before with solar panels and it worked fine so let me do this test and I’ll let you know.

Do you recommend any bigger batteries that I can order online?

I wouldn’t recommend charging with any 12 volt battery since it is too slow to be useful in anything other than an emergency. If you are dead set on it, any AGM size 31 battery would work, but I would get several and wire them to get 24 or 48 volts to increase the charge rate.

Okay it’s working now! Thanks Scott!, and yea I’ll have to connect some more batteries together to up that charge rate