My AC 180 makes strange click noises

My AC 180 makes strange click noises when charging via the solar… and switches the input power back to zero every time… is there a defect here?

Hey @Toby Sounds like the mppt charge controller turning on/off which is what happens when its incoming voltage is fluctuating too much… I would first check with multi-meter to make sure the voltage coming from the panels falls within the 12-60vdc input range the ac180 can handle. And that solar conditions are clear enough for the controller to work its magic. You can double check to make sure that your input connector is working fine, by connecting your ac180 to a car charging cable and plug it into your car… These are a couple things that would help diagnose where the issues are coming from.

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Mine does the same thing. Seems to happen on cloudy days where the sun comes out and the. Goes behind clouds again rapidly. I’m assuming it’s probably voltage or current rapidly changing and causing the controller to shut down temporarily. Maybe it drops below 12 Volts or something. Always works flawlessly on sunny days.