My 3rd EB3A & the PV120w Panel Arrived July 6, 2022

Well, the last one arrived today (ordered on June 21st). This unit came with the .06 firmware on it. Updated the firmware to .10 with no issues. Tested the AC & DC ports, charged via power cord then later solar. Used the AC outlet while also charging with solar, and no issues.

The fan on this unit is the quietest of the 3 - no buzzing or irritating sound. Everything seems to be good on this latest .10 firmware. :slight_smile:

I’ll test all the panels on another day when it’s not so cloudy out. There’s the ToGo 100w, Bluetti PV120w, and BougeRV 130w (9bb) panel, then the 2nd BougeRV 130w panel should arrive next Monday so we can test the two BougeRV panels in parallel.


Nice, that’s promising, keep us posted!

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What does the PV solar input read with your panels? How many watts are you getting?

It was a thick layer of clouds above with several days worth of storms, so I wasn’t getting much today. I’ll test later with the various panels once the sky and weather conditions clear here in NE Ohio. :slight_smile: