MSDS (Material Safety Datasheet) for EB3A


Can you share the MSDS report for this product too, we need it to have a shipping quote from the courier for a big batch of bluetti power banks

Thank you.

PS. Maybe this document should be already be on your website, in download section

Hi @sibianul , Can you tell us your email address by private message and we will send you this pdf file by email?

I didn’;t found any way to PM you, I clicked BLUETTI Admin but I don;t see any option to PM you, also in the top right menu I didn’t find anything.

maybe you can send it directly to me by PM, or just post it here on the forums, it would be much better as other users might need this too

I can’t find a button to send you a PM, where is it :) ?

Hi @BLUETTI , pls i need this MSDS too, can you help me?

@victorb EB3A MSDS file sent to your PM, please kindly check:)

Yes, i received, thanks a lot! :grin: