MSDS for AC200P?

I need an MSDS sheet for the AC200P.
How do I go about getting one?
Can you provide a link?

Hi @jetstar , According to your previous private message, we have sent it to you via email. Please check, thanks!


I need a MSDS for AC200P urgently. Please share it

@ironvalley Have sent you a private message please check :)

Hi , I have sent my email address
Please send the MSDS urgently

Hi, I am also in need of an MSDS urgently for the AC200P. Could you please send a copy to my email address in my profile?

Thank you!

@jglmc MSDS file sent, pls kindly check your inbox :)

@BLUETTI Can you please send me a message or email for the MSDS for the B300. I’m literally running into similar issues as this post. Thanks Admin!!

@TexasLexus11 The file has been sent to you via forum private message, please check :)