MQTT connection for the EP 600

An MQTT connection for the EP 600 would not be bad. If you could read out the current values, you can integrate the system much better into your SmartHome. Primary reading would be enough… However, for security reasons, you should only be able to write with a password (turn off SystemSwitch, etc.)

@Kbuettgen After confirming with the techs, this feature is not supported yet. I’ll let you know later when this feature is available.

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Hey @Kbuettgen

You may wanna have a look at this:

There are a few projects that do this. Its basicly a device that connects via bluetooth to the Powerstation and send the data via MQTT to homeassistant for example

Hope this helped


Yes, I know the software! But it would certainly be “safer” if BLUETTI would install this feature itself.

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Atleast a lot of easier to configure ;)

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