More VOC input capacity for all units in future

VOC rating on solar panels are typically +20 volts per panel, most often +25 volts and upwards.

The VOC input limit on the EB240 is around 67volts (up by 7volts vs the smaller EB units). On the B300 battery pack it is 60 volts (and 200W max)!

For big lithium batteries with large kWh storage they really need more capacity to handle higher VOC ratings to allow more choices of solar panels to be used, even using Bluetti’s own solar panels is not optimum due to these low VOC input limits from solar, that limit the number of panels you can use to build as big array as possible (to reduce charging times).

I’m sure this has been mentioned before, i just wanted to add my voice to this and get more eyeballs on the topic :slight_smile: