More than 900W charge AC200Max with solar

Can I charge the AC200max with three 375W PV modules in series (max 120V, 10.6A)

The PV input is specified with max 900W as a limit.
The voltage and current limits of the PV input with three 375W PV modules are observed.

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Hi @jockel66 , The PV input VOC limit for AC200MAX is 10-145V. If connected in series, just make sure that the open circuit voltage of your three solar panels combined does not exceed 145V to solar charge AC200MAX.

Hello, thank you very much.
Then the 900W specification refers to the max charge line of the box, is that correct. So you just have to make sure that the voltage and current values of PV input are respected.

Yes, your understanding is very correct. the MPPT of AC200MAX is limited to 900W max input. As long as the open circuit voltage does not exceed the machine’s limit, three 375W solar panels can only input 900W max to charge the machine.