More than 3000 W charge the AC 500 with solar?

Hello, everyone,
I have a few questions regarding the new AC500 system.

  1. Can the AC500 and both the B300S battery system be used with more than the specified ampere? I have heard that if too much current is fed in, it will be “burned”. is this correct? So that only the specified e.g. 15A are used although e.g. 18A are fed.
  2. Can I feed in more than 3000 watts of solar input on the D300S? I have a 5KW solar array on the roof and would like to connect it to the AC500. This charges the AC500 via the D300s. In the end, the system usually never achieves the power of 3kW, but that can happen and I don’t want to destroy anything in the devices.

Since I would like to get as good as the 3kW output, a larger design of the solar system would be better so that you have more charging power even in weak light. I live in the Munich area.

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Hi @J0hnny ,

  1. It does not matter if the current exceeds the rated value, as long as the input voltage is not exceeded. The excess current will just be wasted.
  2. D300S can accept PV input over 3KW, but it will drop to 3KW max output.

I hope the above can help you with your questions.

Hello ,

great. Thank you for the information.
That’s what I wanted to hear :slight_smile:
Then I can use my over demonsoned PV to charge the AC500.

I hope it will be the same for the B300S. Since I can’t find a solar panel that has 500W and less than 10 amperes, it usually has 13 amperes.

It is only important to stick to the maximum open circuit voltage including temperature change. If I understand that correctly.

Many thanks for the help.
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Did the 500 W panel work on the B300s? About to order. Thanks