More ac200max sept 15-$300 coupon

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Thanks, do you have a link for the 9/15 sale?

Bluetti community im trying to figure out how i might use the 30amp on the new max. I would be using tge max200 for additional house back up power(although the weight is an issue). Already have a AC200P. My initial thought is external 30amp plug tied into transfer box that switches fr main grid box in power outage.

Anyone have experience w/ bluetti products and how they handle brown outs, surges? How do we protect this expensive equipment?

no link yet just info from above
as for transfer switch=

What Generator Receptacle is Used to Connect a 25-30 Amp AC Power Cable to a House Transfer Switch?


We connected our Bluetti AC200 to power our home

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Usually a L14 30 plug (L1430P) and (L1430R). Socket or receptacle on the house side

So two massive battery banks ‘just in case’. ?

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