Model number AC200 or AC200P?

I purchased a AC200P. But all the documents and information say AC200. It does say on the front 2000watt/2000whr, where I believe the AC200 is 2000watt/1700whr. Still a bit disconcerting since in communication of the models in social media the models are clearly stressed.

The AC200P is also originally called “AC200”, but we add a “P” for phosphate iron to avoid confusion. So some of the printed materials might be written “ac200”. As long as it said “2000wh” on your unit, it is an AC200P, no worries.

Thank you! Love your product!

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Glad to know that: was not notified, thought mebbe I’d bought a discontinued model. I DO get the news…

My Unit case is marked 2000wh however within the software under Data - Product Info - Model it is listed as AC200

Does this mean my unit is incorrectly cased and not the “P” version?

No, it is the AC200P version. All 2000wh marked cases are the AC200P version.

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So yours also says in the software under Data - Product Info - Model AC200?

I do not own a 200P. I own a 200. All the info I have seen indicates that the 2000 wh markings on the outer case are the identifier for the 200P.

I have both.

The Model is listed on the back and you can tell by the wattage listed on the front what model it is.

One user manual says AC200 while the other says AC200P.

Let me know if you have any other questions relating to either.