Mobile App Feature Request

Please add this to the app for all devices that have the hardware to implement it.

Add a button on the device screen of the app to “Boost Charge” the device. I often don’t get quite enough juice from solar to keep the battery above the reserve limit over night. I can change the mode to turn on the AC input, but I forget to change it back and it keeps charging to my upper limit. I don’t want to make ‘permanent’ mode changes, I just want to be able to boost the battery for maybe 1 hour at a time, then go back to normal PV Priority.

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For the EB3A, I’d love to see the time remaining on the app like it shows on the display of the station - like 1.2 hours, etc. :slight_smile:

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Hi @newcx , Your sincere suggestions and feedback are greatly appreciated. We have recorded the suggestion and submitted it to the relevant technical engineer. Once this feature is developed, we will inform you as soon as possible. Thanks!

Hi @Jayling , thank you for the suggestion. Likewise, we have sent your suggestions back to the relevant technical departments. We believe this feature will be improved soon.

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That is a very good suggestion.


Thank you, @BLUETTI, there is another feature I’d dearly love, but it’d probably need to be through a firmware update - the ability for the user to allow the Display screen to stay on for the EB3A. The updated 1 minute that was implemented in an earlier firmware update was nice, but many of us would like the ability to have the Display on for longer periods or indefinitely, depending on a person’s needs. Thanks for considering these ideas. :slight_smile:

In addition to the other great ideas, I wish there was a way to hide the AC and DC on/off sliders so I can’t accidentally turn it off. This is especially critical for the AC since it can’t be turned back on remotely.