Mixed B300 and B300S usage with AC500

Hi, can I use an AC500 with 4B300? Can the AC500 deliver 5000W with 4B300? Is it possible to expand the system (AC500 & 4B300 & 2B300S)?

Yes, you can use x4 B300 batteries with a AC500 system. However when you use a B300 in your setup, your restricted to 4 batteries per AC500. Additionally your limited to 4000 watts output.

You’ll need an adapter cable to hookup a B300 to a AC500.

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@Jo1966 Four B300s can be connected to one AC500 (as long as the B300 is used to access, the battery pack allows up to 4 connections)
So AC500 & 4 B300 & 2 B300S are not available.