Mix b230+b300 for ac200max

Can an AC200max use 1 B230 and 1 B300 for a total of 7kWh (inclusive of the internal batt)?

If they have the same cables to connect it should. Why not just get two b300s?

Thanks Wex. If B300s were available now I’d probably get an AC300 + 2xB300. But they aren’t:
Redirecting.... So the best compromise I can come up with to get the energy storage I want now but still be able to upgrade a bit later is to get one AC200max+B230 now and add a B300 later.

According to one of their videos, your proposed configuration will not work. Video link here: BATTERY EXPANSION: How to connect AC200MAX with either B230 or B300 Battery Modules - YouTube

Ah, good catch Erik. Thanks! Looks like I’m stuck waiting or just living with 6kWh on the AC200max.

Gotcha. Looks like you can not connect both at the same time but you can swap them out for eachother.
You can buy the dc adapter to charge the b230 or b300 by solar separately from the ac200max. So say you have the b230 connected and it runs out, you can swap the b300 in and then charge the b230 by it’s self. That would require switching your solar input from the ac200 max to the b230 or having two solar arrays or! Having a solar system wired in parallel so you can disconnect half of the system and then wire it to each ac max and b230 at the same time.

Seems like your better off getting two b230s or b300s for the hassle but many possibilities depending on your application

Hi @ericy,

Sorry, AC200MAX cannot use different external batteries. We suggest you to use two B230 or two B300.

Just out of curiosity @BLUETTI can you tell us why?

Is it the way the unit charges them so that it would only charge the batteries to the lowest common denominator?

Hi @dr_torch , Because the specifications of the two types of batteries are different, they are not compatible. Similarly, our different series of solar panels can not be used interchangeably. Thank you :smiley:

sorry, I’m confused. I understand my ac200max generator holds the same battery as the b230. so why can can i use a b300 but am unable to add a b300 in addition with an existing b230?

This is a great question; I’m curious about the answer as well.

Using AC200MAX to connect a B230 and then a B300, will cause a big difference between SOC.

Just to check, do you mean the two batteries will not both be fully charged/discharged at the same rate or not charge fully, or that the AC200Max will physically not operate with B230 and B300 connected and throw error codes and such? Thanks :slight_smile:

The B230 and B300 will not charge at the same power.
However, it is possible to charge both packs to full capacity, and discharge them to a SOC of 0

Understood that they won’t charge at the same power. But will they both charge at all?
Or will the AC200Max physically lock out and stop charging the external batteries?

Has anyone tried using the B230 and the B300 with the 200Max and it worked? Dont care if they charge or discharge at the same rate. Just want to know if you can hook all 3 up safely?

In theory, this should work.You can flip the B300 upside down so the ports are all on the same side. Put the AC200L or max on the bottom, then the 300 and on top the 230. The only issue they are stating is the software might not like the issue of them not being both the same capacity. But, people also tell you not to keep lifepo batts outside at 32 degrees or below and we haven’t found that it damaged any of our 12vdc lifepo chins. We like to research as much of these things as possible, in other words, could you do this… yes. In the end, I am not sure how it will react to the charge to full capacity scenario. But, now that it is on the table, we will find out and let everyone know. Because there is absolutely no R&D on this topic at all.

Did you ever end up trying this out?