Missing Solar Charging Cable - Customer Support Frustration!

So I ordered the EB3A and PV200 panels, after seeing that it now also includes a solar charging cable. However I’m still waiting on any update on when the solar charging cable will be available and shipped. I have the two end points however nothing to connect them together.

Dealing with customer (no)support is pointless as many of Bluetti customers are here describing. Such a disappointment that support is nonexistent, this is likely to persuade me to never purchase a Bluetti product again. Customer support is such an important and fundamental part of doing business.

I finally purchased a MC4 to DC8 cable from Amazon.

Has anyone who has also purchased the EB3A received a solar charging cable??


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My EB3A was purchased through Amazon and originally the free solar cable had a delivery date of July 15th but it was later updated to June 30th. Looking at Amazons tracking there is no sign of shipping yet so I don’t really expect it by the 30th.

Hello @3LfW2E3QW3 , About this cable they have the following explanation in the official FB account Bluetti global, hope it can help you.

Dear EB3A customer:

Thanks for supporting BLUETTI and purchasing EB3A as your next power source on the road. To improve your user experience, first, we’re sending you the MC4 to DC7909 cable (for solar panel connection) for FREE.

This cable will be shipped separately as another package; the packages will start shipping by this Thursday (June 23rd), including the 12V Charging Cables that part of EB3A customers got from BLUETTI LIVESTREAM.

If you need the tracking number, please contact BLUETTI customer service at: service@bluettipower.com after Thursday this week.

Secondly, we highly recommend downloading the BLUETTI APP to unlock the full potential of the EB3A and get the latest update on software&firmware.

Kindly Regards,


What are you doing to address the current customer service levels? If no one is able to answer phone calls then remove the phone number or publish a message when someone calls informing callers of the high ticket volume and that queries will be address in the order they’re received.

Also, your website chat bot says someone will message me back “within minutes” after I left a message. You might want to update this text to a timeframe that is more accurate. When choosing option 2 when calling, there’s no message about leaving a message, you just hear the beep. You should add a pre-recording message like you have for the Sales option 1. Please just communicate SOMETHING to your customers that you’re aware of and addressing the customer service frustrations we’re experiencing.


Just realized that @Milu just quoted a FB post from Bluetti.

@BLUETTI, we’d appreciate a response from you, thanks.

Mine came yesterday, two days ahead of schedule.

Still waiting. Ordered July 5 and July 16. I have other Bluetti products so I don’t need them right away. Still would like to receive them since it was included in the order.

I ordered 2 EB3A’s on June 29th, and received the solar cables late in July. Then I ordered another EB3A on July 6th, and today finally received that cable on August 9th, 2022. So it may take awhile but they do seem to be shipping them out when they’re available.

I get the charging Cable yesterday, so far so good!
hoping Bluetti can bring a better customer experience to the issue especially after-sale support

Received both cables. Another happy customer.

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