Missing AC adapter with new AC200P

AC200P Arrived, much to my dismay it was missing the 400W AC adapter. How on earth could such a key component be left out? Very sloppy QC if you ask me.

Through whom did you purchase your AC200P? Bluetti direct website? Amazon? Third party retailer?

Just to check, you were expecting a single charging brick and not an extra brick as well correct? If an extra was ordered it will be shipped seperately.

Someone could very likely have removed the charging brick from the box in a warehouse enviroment and then shipped the box. Did you receive an outer box that was banded with corner protectors and then had an inner AC200 box that was sealed and contained the main unit?

If the issue is indeed with Bluetti direct, their emale is: service@bluetti.com

It was through a third party, yes it was double boxed and banded. According to the seller, the AC.adapter must have been missing from the factory. It was not an extra brick…there was no brick at all in the box. Disappointed. 2.5k for the kit and something like this is left out.

What state was it shipped to? I know in the AC200 indiegog days, some states were over the weight limit and the adapter was shipped seperately. I have not heard of this issue with a 200P, but just FYI. It does indeed say 2000 watt hours on the case and is a 200P… right? What did the third party seller state they were going to do for you?

Yes its the 200p. And it is missing. The reseller said its a warranty issue and they are contacting Bluetooth about it. Its a sloppy situation I hope bluetti resolves quickly

The biggest hurdle is that the Bluetti products are warehoused in California and there does not appear to be a stock of accessories available.

I have heard that a batch of accessories will be available in CA the end of Feb. Since a second charging brick is one of the accessories listed on the Bluetti web site, I assume those will be available then. I would stay on top of customer service.

Well. If we.don’t get it soon. It gets returned. And well buy another brand

Good luck. I dont suppose your third party vendor could open one of their units and just send you the charger?

If you don’t mind me asking, why would you buy another brand?

It seems like a simple missing item that the vendor should be responsible for. I think the issue is with the vendor and not Bluetti.

At least that’s my opinion.

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If the carton wasn’t opened which I think it wasn’t, it would be on Bluetti. We’ll see. what happens thanks for your input.

If I bought a box of Nabisco crackers from Target and after getting them home, I discovered that 23 of the crackers were missing from the box, I would take the box back to Target and get it replaced or ask them to give me the 23 crackers. I probabably wouldn’t go straight to Nabisco for the resolution. A dealer has a responsiblity to make things right and then they work with their source to get made whole. Just a thought.

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I’m well aware of how business works thanks

Returning is not as easy as going to target, also we were told 2 separate things from the vendor, first they said they open them and test them and that someone there must have forgot to put it back in, then they said it was warranty because the box was never opened. While I agree that returning to the vendor in most cases is ideal, in this case not so cut and dried. Another issue is these things are not even in stock at most places so returning guarantees a delay in getting what we need. If it was a simple and negligible as a cracker then I wouldn’t bother lol

When you refer to “vendor" I’m assuming you mean the entity that you purchased the unit from. It sounds like they have given you two different stories and may very well have removed the unit and just sealed the box well. But who knows anything could’ve happened

Apparently it was.missing from the manufacturer. I was told they Bluetti is shipping one from China …then once in the US it’ll be UPS ground. Pathetic customer service. It should have been expedited. When a customer spends this kind of money, its a terrible look on Bluetti. SMFH

I’d rather not speculate on a the third party reseller conspiring to open the boxes up to remove an adapter then seal it back up again. :grin:

Why wouldnt the third party vendor just open one of their boxes, remove the charger and overnight it to you?

According to them they didn’t have anymore as they are backordered. I did ask them that. Thanks

Sorry, I can not fault the customer service from Bluetti - Sounds to me the problem lays with whom you bought it.