Meet BLUETTI at The Energy Expo 2023

:sun_with_face::battery::red_car::bulb:BLUETTI sincerely invites you to join the feast of clean energy - The Energy Expo 2023!!!:sparkles:

:tipping_hand_woman:t2:Bringing together the solar energy, energy storage, electric vehicle charging, clean energy, energy-saving, and smart technology industries to showcase top-notch equipment, technologies, and products. :sparkles:

During this exhibition, we will proudly introduce three exciting new products: :battery:AC60P, :battery:AC180P, and :battery:EP800 series products, larger and more powerful, meeting all your energy needs! :muscle:

:calendar:Expo dates: August 22nd to August 24th, 2023
:label:BLUETTI Booth: Booth#223
:round_pushpin:Expo address: Miami Airport Convention Center, Miami, Florida

See you there! We’ll be waiting for you at #EnergyEXPO2023! :globe_with_meridians::confetti_ball:

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