MC-4 to EB 3a connection

What connectors do I need to connect my Bluetti PV -200 solar panels that have MC-4 to my EB 3 a?

Why is it so difficult to find such a basic piece of information?
MC- 4 to Eb3a ???
I just ordered the thing so I don’t have it in hand!
But I do have some PV-20 panels that I want to use but I cannot find how to connect the panels MC-4 to the eb3a.
It looks to be a barrel of some kind but I’ve searched all over and can’t find it!
Very frustrated!

The EB3A takes an 8mm (DC7909) barrel plug to MC4 connectors. Here’s a link to the SolarEnz one at Amazon: SolarEnz Solar Connector to DC8mm Adapter Cable You’ll eventually get one from Bluetti, but they’re backordered so it could take weeks to get theirs.

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Thanks! The EB 3a is not even listed on Bluetti “ shop” webpage!
So I could find a manual!

You can find the user manual here: :slight_smile: