MAXOAK/Bluetti Company Information

Very difficult to find info on any details of MAXOAK and/or Bluetti as companies; like how long have they been around, size, volume, financial stability, etc. Does anyone have any information, apart from the little information MAXOAK/Bluetti give on their website?

I bought my first Maxoak power station in 2017. Purchased my AC200 in July 2020. Both still work like champs. They are a solid company.

PowerOak is the parent company.

Here’s MaxOak:

Here’s Bluetti:

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Helpful information! Thank you. So, if I understand correctly, PowerOak owns MaxOak, and does MaxOak own Bluetti or is Bluetti simply a brand name of MaxOak?

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From a consumer point-of-view, I don’t see what difference it makes who is a division of who. Or are you attempting to invest in the company?

My last question was more of a “just curious to understand” type of thing; nothing critical.

Bluetti is a trademarked name of PowerOak. Bluetti stands for Blue Sky, Tomorrow, Technology, Innovation.

There is a lot of company information on their Alibaba company profile. Yes, they sell on Alibaba. Everyone there does. They are a very solid company doing business on every continent. You can see video of their huge facility. They have somewhere between 300 and 500 employees.

I checked out EcoFlow as well, curious if EF was as big a competitor as some might think. They’ve only been in business since 2017, and received start up funds of $4.8 million and no funding since. They only have 52 employees. Not a lot of info to be found on them.

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Very good information! Reassuring, too.

Yeah, I noticed the $4.8M funding of EcoFlow in 2017 and apparently none afterwards; that could be something of concern.

Well that was startup money. Hopefully they made some of that back with the River and Delta. They are up to $7 million in the Delta Pro KS campaign. But then, the R&D and prototyping and production of all the different parts of their “eco” system must be pretty costly. Delta Pro, slave battery, generator, smart panel, solar panel, solar tracker, wind turbine…did I leave anything out? Oh, the Xboost or whatever.

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The ECOFLOW Delta Pro is a close competitor to the AC300/B300 (a little more powerful). However, all things considered, I am sticking with the AC300/B300s.

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Have anyone boughy stuff from and does it taxable on the products…if you buy from amazon/ebay for bluetti products…judt curious if you buy directly from their site does it include tax…