Maximum B300 weight support

I bought a Rubbermaid shed to locate my twin AC300 and B300 sets. The floor is large enough to hold four devices, mostly B300. I have seen pictures where two B300 are stacked. What is the maximum weight that the B300 case can hold upon it, such as two more B300 (stack of three)?

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I have the same question as I have a B300 with an AC200max sitting on top of it. The B300 user manual is not much help. Page 2 has a bullet point that says “DO NOT stack anything on top of the power station while in storage or while in use.” However, contradictory to that guidance, examples on pages 9-10 of the same user manual show examples of both the AC300 and AC200Max stacked on top of a B300. Also, the official product video shows the AC300+B300 combo being stacked on one another. So which one is it?

One video example Power System Review - Bluetti AC300 B300 - YouTube

No one at Bluetti has responded, so I did my own “experiment”. I stacked two B300 units and an AC300 on top. Nothing happened and all are operating. If I had another B300 I would stack it too. The B300 frame seems very strong and up to now it can hold over 100 pounds (about 45 kg) with no indication of flexure or bending. The Ac300 is not as strong and I have not tested if iy can hold a B300 on it.

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