Max Surrounding Temperature and effect on the battery

I’m a fairly new user of the AC200P and I keep the battery in my vehicule most of the time. With the extreme heat outside, its surroundings can go up to somewhere between 45 and 50 degrees celcius (I have a temp control but it cant really do better than that). I saw somewhere in the specs that at rest it should not exceed 45 degrees.

What are the risks ? I mean should I worry of some explosions lol or it is just going to use the battery a bit faster?

Welcom Anthony. I hope your AC survives the heat.

Haha! well thank you :slight_smile:

premature end of life on the batteries and everything else. also the spirits in anything plasitc will leave faster, making things brittle

anything above 40 is death to just about everything given enough time, including bed bug eggs!