Max panels for all this new stuff

Hello there. So I’ve ‘bought’ the full cooler package from the Indigo website promo, 180T and pv200 panel, cooler and extra battery. I also own a 200max with 3 pv200 panels…this gives me 4 complete panels (I’m assuming the one that comes with the indigo package is a pv200 not a pv200s - can this be confirmed?)
My question is, because I’m not a solar genius (lol) so just wanted to get this straight if someone can make sure I’m good here.
The cooler itself can only be directly charged by maximum 1 pv200 panel on it’s own (or can it use more?).
The new 180T can use max 2 pv200 panels (in series) or can use 3?
The AC200max can use all 4 panels in series.

This is what I’ve garnered from a few posts in the forum but just wanted to be sure I had it right.
I just want to make sure I’m not hooking up more panels to these things (in series) than they can handle at once.

@Jay3 Welcome to the forum!! :raised_hands: :raised_hands:
After confirmation, the model of the 200W panel is PV200.
If charging the cooler through PV, only one PV200 is needed (at most).

Up to 2 PV200 panels can be connected in series to charge the new AC180T (60V OCV).
Up to 4 PV200 panels can be connected in series to charge the AC200MAX (145V OCV) at most.
Hopefully the above answers your questions. :grinning:

This is perfect answer. Thank you!