Max panels for ac200p

I have had an ac200p running since July 2021 and it has been running ok with 4 rich solar 200watt panels setup in a 2s2p config. According to the bluetti user manual, the input current is 12A but indicates it will ignore anything more than that. i currently have 4x200=800 watts of panels connected and have NEVER seen more than maybe 600 watts at the peak of a summer day. According to the rich solar panel specs the VOC IS 45.4 per panel which theoretically would be 90 VOC with 2, but i usually do not see that much. I am considering adding 2 more rich solar 200watt panels with the same specs in a 3s2p config, so THEORETICALLY the max VOC would be 136.2 voc which is still below the 150 voltage max. Has anyone done this already? Even though this is 1200 watts instead of 700watts, i would like to assume that anything over 12a (not sure where watts comes in to play) would be ignored. i think this is called over paneling. Now that the sun is hard to come by during the winter months i would like to pull as much energy from the sky as possible. From everything that i have read, the key is to NEVER go over 150 volts, even on the coldest day of the year otherwise you let the smoke out.


I am not surprise that you don’t see more than 600W with 4x200W panel in a 2s2p configuration. The panel rating of 200W assumes perfect condition (STC standard test condition), specifically 1000w/m^2 of solar radiation and 25C panel (not air) temp. When you are getting 1000w/m^2 of sun, your panel is going to heat up to like 45-50C pretty quickly and not be at 25C. High temp degrades power performance. So you will only get the 1000W rated with tropical sun at arctic temp, pretty much not happening. A more realistic rating is sometimes provided, Nominal Module Operating Temperature (NMOT), where it specifies 20C air temp (panel temp is about 45C), 800w/m^2, and that typically is only 75% of max. So 4x200W would provide about 600W of power under NMOT.

You are correct. You can safely exceed max current of 12A (the rest would be ignored), but never exceed Voc of 150. If you use a 3S config, your max Voc is 136V which has a large buffer for cold temp and won’t go above 150V so you are good. That should give you 700W during the best times and more power during less perfect times.


I have 3 200w rich solar panels and 1 190w rich solar my 200 are model M200 not (m200d)
totaling 790 watts all in series i get over 600 at peak and sometimes see 710 w not sure why my spec’s are a bit different. see pic’s

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