Make your own Solar Tracker - DYI

Here is a Demo Film on YouTube:

More Infos you can ask here…

Have fun!


Thats some really cool project! Want something like this for a long time, but its a bit too complicate for me to build myself

Very cool. I have a little book somewhere about 12V systems, where the author explained how to make something like this with an old bicycle wheel. It’s a bit older book, so may be more straightforward. I’ll see if I can find it and post here…

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I can post the components list if anybody is interested…

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Yeah sure, go ahead!

Here is everything installed on an old Office-Chair base.

Very nice @Gherghe - Yes, I’d love to see a material list and instructions if you have them :blush:

I found the book I mentioned. This is it:

And these are the pages for the solar tracker:

I haven’t tried this, but it seems quite clever.


It’s quite a nice little book by the way. They explain some basics about solar, batteries, and electronics. And there are many practical examples of how you can convert regular appliances into 12V ones. For example a 12V sewing machine, 12V music amplifier, 12V circular saw, 12V food blender, and even a 12V washing machine (although the warm water you would need to get from a solar collector).

Nice work there buddy, thanks for sharing.:blue_heart:

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Like I said, for the base I used an old Office Chair setup.

That was my first prototype.

Than I got some problems with the Sun Controller and I decided to change it.
I installed an XMYC-3 sun Controller (also used for Eco-Worthy sun Trackers) and I change the East West linear Motor with an DC gear-spin Motor with a chain transmission for the Axe. This permit an movement freedom until 300°.

I will post some pictures later.

Rest of components are Aluminium bars 40x40mm and the base bar is 80x40mm.

Hope is clear enough…

this are the links for the East West Transmission upgrade.

Time Laps on 09/06/23


@Gherghe Very cool!!

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Really nicely done @Gherghe. I love that you used an old office chair for it. I happen to have one as well, so I might give it a go too. Although I have an old bicyle wheel as well, so I’m still undecided :wink:
In any case it’s good to find new uses for these old things lying around :+1: