Lucky Wheel Winner

I won a PS50 on the Lucky Wheel. This is great😁 But I can’t find any information on them anywhere. Does anyone know the wattage and the wh of this unit?

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The version shown has European AC plugs. Hopefully, since I live in the US, it will come with 120 volt American plugins :face_with_raised_eyebrow::laughing: So this is 300 watt/500 wh from the ad? Thank you for the information.

This model no longer appears to be sold by Bluetti in the USA. We still find a little in Europe. Apart from the American AC sockets and 120v voltage, the rest of the specifications should be identical.

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@cupcaketennessee Since the public post does not allow direct sending of PDF files, I have sent you the user manual for the PS50 via PM, please check.

@BLUETTI_CARE How does one get their prizes? I won a tableware set back in Feb, and never received anything. Not a huge deal, I suppose, but disappointing nonetheless.

Congratulations on your prize at WEEKLY LOTTO: 【BLUETTI Outdoor Tableware Set】 Please check if your shipping address is correct in BLUETTI APP and claim your prize in time. If you do not claim the prize within 30 days, it is regarded as you give up the rights and interests of the prize, and the final interpretation right belongs to BLUETTI.

@plympton This should be a BLUETTI APP event and not part of this forum.
I suggest you email for more assistance. :)