Low voltage warning with solar panel not charging. EB3A

Low voltage warning and no charging on low light day with solar panel attached to the EBA3A and input flashing on the units display. Seen lots of post saying this is an issue still in Europe and requires a firmware update to fix. only problem is the phone app won’t let me update the firmware. The app says the dsp version is 2052.09 and I have seen later version on the forum. Anyone managed to get this fault fixed? Looks like lots of people reporting it.


I have the exact same problem. It looks like for people in the eu/uk you have to make an individual request, noting your serial number, to the admin here on the forum to get your firmware updated. See this thread here.

Thanks I will post my serial number on this thread and hopefully BLUETTI will reply and push the update through

SN EB3A2307004630445

@Ambercat10 Please provide me with the SN of the EB3A and I will push the firmware for you.

Hi SN is below




For some reason my user bam has changed from Ambercat to DAP1

SN is


I am wondering if I can get a firmware update to one that works when there is low light on the panel? Though my firmware version is DSP 2056.13 I still have the same issue even during daytime if it’s even slightly clouded or if the panel has like 1/3rd in shadow, it will not start up if I plug it in at that point.

@DAP1 I have submitted the request, and firmware may be sent after the weekend. Thanks for your support.

@alter I’m sorry if there is low light on the panel, the PV input will be low. As long as it is lower than 12V, it will not get charged.

I have exactly the same problem - blinking INPUT even when battery shows 17V.
My serial number is 110600QE22491031, EB3A2249002115873. Please enable the firmware update.
Thank you!

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I have the same issue with EB3A


Current firmware versions:
ARM v2063,02
DSP v2052,07

can you please help me?

@ihorM Thanks for your informaion. The firmware will be sent in 6hrs.

@ihorM Could you please provide me with the current firmware version as well?

as I mentioned in previous message current firmware are:

ARM v2063,02
DSP v2052,07

Should I push the upgrade of DSP version?

@ihorM There is a new firmware, please click“Download”to update the firmware.

@ihorM Did you update the frimware?

Same problem here. I received my EB3A today and I’m really impressed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t charge from my PV Panel, displaying the seemingly well known flashing INPUT.

Updated via App to DSM 2052.09, may I kindly ask for a pushed update to fix this? My Anker 535 is charging with constantly 5 to 10 Watts, so it’s a bit depressing that the Bluetti doesn’t even start.

Next post will provide the SN, for I don’t want to lose my text when going back through the app.

Thanks in advance!


Sorry for the delayed posting, but I couldn’t find my initial post to add the screenshots. Do you have everything needed to push the firmware?

I appreciate your help, thanks in advance.

The new firmware will be pushed in 6 hrs. You can try to update the firmware to test if it works. Looking forward to your update.

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