Lost Bluetooth again on AC500. Is it something happening from your end?

It was working just an hour ago, then just stopped on my ipad (and iphone).
Fixed it with a complete shutdown and power up, which means unplugging everything including solar panels.
First happened about a month ago.

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@St8kout Do you mean the bluetooth will suddenly disconnect?

Twice so far it just stops working, both times in the middle of the day. I access the SOC during the day and one minute it connects and the next minute the app does the swirly thing trying to connect but can’t. At that point I can only connect through wifi on both my ipad and iphone.

The only remedy is to shut the system down (unplug solar panels and turn off AC output), then power up again. In other words, reboot.

That brings up another question. After unplugging the PV panels to shut it down, I have to wonder when plugging them back in after reboot, if the AC500 has safeguards for the sudden input of a 1500 watt PV array in full sunlight. What I have been doing it waiting until nighttime to do the reboot because of this.

@St8kout As long as the open circuit voltage does not exceed the machine input range, no damage will be caused. For the Bluetooth problem, may I know the SN and the IOT version of your AC500?

@St8kout I’m sorry the IOT version is the latest and I’m sorry we don’t have a further solution.