Looking to expand

I have a Bluetti EB150 and (4) 100 watt panels. For this model the best way is to have them in 2 series and 2 paralell. I would like to add another “generator” and utilize the same panels with the same set up. I really would prefer lifepo batteries-cells for this. I would really prefer to stay with Bluetti but would entertain other brands. Prefer a larger unit than the EB150.
Thanks in advance for any replies.

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The eb240 is very similar to the eb150 and will pretty much double your battery bank. Might want to hold off tho and check out the AC200 MAX… not positive about it’s efficiency numbers yet but I do know it’s gonna be a game changer. :metal:


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Yeah the eb240 is a natural but it still uses lithium ion if I’m not mistaken and has the same inverter at 1000 watts.
Waiting seems to be the best bet as far as I can see.

IDK if the 2S2P solar panels will work at all with the AC200 either. Thanks though

You can do 2S2P with the AC200 series or you can connect all four in series. Your choice. The AC200 will be a little happier with 4S but not a huge difference either way if you want to connect both units with the same wiring set up


OK, I must have read it wrong for what it needs. Thanks