Longer expansion cable for B300

Is it possible to order a longer Battery expansion cable between AC300 and B300?
In my motorhome I would like to install 4x B300 side by side in a double floor. Unfortunately the supplied cables are too short.
Thank you for any help.

I doubt Bluetti or its supplier will have that cable available in longer lengths. I can only suggest buying a spare cable, and either DIY or get a professional electrician to open one end, study and analyze the connections, then buy and prepare an equivalent cable for your needed length with both connectors reattached correctly. You can see in the connector end that, in addition to the two large 60 A DC sockets, there are four more smaller sockets that are for logic or data communications between the AC300 and the B300. The B300 battery has internal intelligence, switching and addressing, so the AC300 can identify, charge, and monitor each one individually. For this same reason we cannot add a different brand battery to the AC300.

Dear Raymondjram.
Thank you for your response.
Buying a spare expansion cable, cutting it in the middle and adjusting it to the length I need is probably the best solution. Of course with the appropriate insulated wires.
Unfortunately, the spare expansion cable is not yet offered by Bluetti anywhere.
Have a nice day.

If you build one, it can also be made more flexible the the originals.

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I wish I can get a 90 degree version of the connector as the present design takes up nine inches of lateral space.