Long term (3months) storage

I have two AC200Max and my friend has the AC500 with B300 battery. Both of us spend time in southern Italy but get back to UK roughly every three months.
Does anybody know what the proper recommendation is when these batteries are left for extended periods. Both of us leave them totally disconnected from PV at 100% charge, but on another forum it was suggested that is not correct.

Also we wonder if I could leave them safely connected and active with small loads like the router security cameras and maybe some external lights.

I would leave it on 60-70% charge for that 3 month, and after coneback do a full discharge/charge cycle. other types of battery have storage voltage at which battery degrade slower. So lifepo4 should be treated same IMHO

Outside of storage questions, running security cameras and lights would seem more prudent, if breakins are a threat. That will hurt if someone cuts the power, breaks in and steals everything. Maybe just put it in ups mode with a PV panel to keep it charged.

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