Lock AC to ON when in UPS mode, too easy to turn off when turning DC off!

I’m asking for a change to the Bluetti app. I have an EP500PRO that acts as a UPS for my fridge so always plugged in to AC and the AC outlets function is always on. I would like to turn the DC off when not in use while making 100% sure the AC NEVER gets turned off accidentally.

I don’t just turn off the DC system when not in use because the controls in the app are too close to the AC option and the text is too small and my wife has cognition issues from long Covid so I don’t want her to accidentally turn off the AC, and our fridge, through brain fog confusion. (It may be obvious to many people the difference between AC and DC, but not to my wife.)

I’m asking that you add a feature where some or all of these is added:

  1. When the device is in UPS mode then the AC control on the main page is clearly greyed out and locked to ON.

  2. The AC control asks a confirmation when you try to turn it off and requires you to enter the password and also to use some slider control or something with a very large very clear warning that you are turning off the AC power that is currently in use for things like refrigerators. It is way too easy now to mix up AC and DC of you aren’t an electrical expert or know devices like Bluetti batteries.

Also, in addition to one of the above, change the text from just DC and AC to “DC (phones, computers)” and “AC (refrigerators, wall outlets)” or something much more clear in good English.

Also, add an option so that when I open the Bluetti it automatically logs in using WiFi and displays my most used device and always uses Cloud login option instead of Bluetooth. Right now every time I open my Bluetti app I have to tap My Devices, EP500PRO,and Cloud before I can see the device’s screen to turn DC outlets on or off. Too many clicks and too many options on the Home page for my wife. I just want it to open and then she taps DC to turn on or off with no possible chance at all of turning off AC.

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@JayCharges I will pass your opinion back to the IT department, thank you for your valuable opinion.


I’d like to give this an upvote! Enabling and Disabling AC and DC at the system’s LCD-Panel requires two touches, one on AC or DC, then another on either ON or OFF. With the app, a single touch can turn AC or DC on or off without any confirmation. So I’d suggest to modify the app to always ask for confirmation.

For example:

“You are about to TURN OFF AC. Please enter code xxx to continue or yyy to cancel.”

Additional password protection optional - not important (for me).

Turning off any output by mistake is just an accident waitting to happen - and I’m not running a fridge, but a bunch of computers!


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