Loading with two PV Strings

I have a AC300 with one battery pack and three Solar modules.
Due to sunlight and some blocking houses i want to split them and restart with twice two panels (one will be loading with morning to midday light - the second with midday to afternoon light).

They will be connected via to separated strings which can be directly connected to the AC300.

Question: Do I need two Battery Packs to load via two (2) PV Strings? Or can I connect them as I did before?

No, just put them on separate MPPT controllers. Ac300 has two of them.

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@claus80 AC300 supports two MPPTs and can be connected to two sets of solar panels. One solar panel can be connected to one B300.
However, three solar panels cannot be connected in parallel, but only separately and individually.

So I guess this is the documentation in the manual:

8.2.1. Charging Method 3: Solar Panels (via 4pin aviation-MC4 cable)
● For regular solar panels:
The AC300+B300 supports two PV inputs. Each individual input supports up to
12A and the charging voltage should be between 12-150V. The AC300+B300
can achieve a combined maximum of 2400W of total solar input.
a. User can connect solar panels in series(Figure 1).
b. Connect the MC4 port of solar panels to the MC4-Aviation cable (Figure2/3).
c. Plug the Aviation cable to the middle input port on AC300.(Figure 4)
and graphics:

So it would be possible to Load the AC300+B300 with
AC300 DC1 1.200W with VOC12-150VDC, 12A
AC300 DC2 1.200W with VOC12-150VDC, 12A
B300 PV Input 200W with VOC 12-60VDC, 10A

So i would SUM UP to 2600W? Is this correct?

Additionally i have connected my home grid, so if no sun is shining, it will load otherwise. This is also a correct setup?

Greetings :slight_smile:

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Am i right with my thoughts in my last post?

@claus80 Sorry for the late reply.
Yes, this can be achieved. However, the PV input power connected to the B300 will not show on the AC300 display, but it can be charged in.

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I have an AC300 + B300.
The two inputs AC1 + AC2 of the AC300 are switched off.
If I feed 200W into the DC input (60V) of the B300, the B300 is not charged. The display on the B300 does not flash.
Only when I disconnect the cable between AC300 and B300 does the display on the B300 flash and it starts charging.
Why doesn’t the B300 charge when connected to the AC300?

greetings from Germany