Load consumption via connector 220V BLUETTI EB3A

The station connected to the network 220V consumes 7.5 W, I measured the temperature of the radiator, it heats up to 53°C. What’s going on inside? It should not be.
When charging the station, overheating occurs, since the radiators are already hot at rest.

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BLUETTI_CARE Can you help me?

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Any progress here?
My EB3A still consumes a lot of power and get hot then in “standby”

There are two options, the first is to ignore it and the second option is to have it repaired under warranty.

Before i can send it back under warranty bluetti needs to acknowledge the problem.
It’s not 2-3W standby power as they claim so this alone is a problem.

But thy don’t seam to care about adhering to there specifications.
there 12V out is not 12V but 13-14V
the 12VOC MPPT input also don’t work with 12V but needs 13-14V
The App phones home your data even if you don’t consent.
Power Lifting can’t reach 600W.
The Watt display is not Displaying watts But VA.

They released a huge batch of unfinished devices and continue to sell them regardless of complaints.

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